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New technologies

Mono Acoustic Ceiling

Mono Acoustic Ceiling is a modern ceiling system without visible joints between the panels. It enables making the ceiling surface completely smooth in a chosen form and colour what is particularly desirable in quarters with minimalistic and stylish characteristic.

Moreover, this solution can be easily integrated with household systems such as air conditioning, lighting, telecommunication providing at the same time perfect conditions of acoustic comfort. IKA is a certified contractor of this system with many years of experience in different structures.

Architectural concrete

Do you like modern interiors with walls made from smooth architectural concrete? IKA company developed a technology of making that type of wall finish on any kind of surface. Nowadays, you do not need to have concrete partitions to enjoy the severity and high esthetics of architectural concrete in any kind of quarters.

Lacing ceilings

Lacing ceilings is a method of finishing under-roof surfaces developed and performed by IKA. Thanks to applying a light but durable and very esthetic material we are able to make, according to your wish, an openwork dropped ceiling in any form and colour. This solution guarantees sophisticated space arrangement where your imagination is the only limit…

Flocking floorboards

Flocking floorboards is yet another innovative technology developed and used only by IKA. As you can apply any colour or pattern, the floorboards are a perfect finish for all kinds of quarters. Moreover, flocking floorboards provide amazing acoustic and thermal insulation possibilities.

Varnished curvilinear partition walls

Non-regular quarters require special solutions. These are the varnished curvilinear partition walls which IKA has been specializing in for a few years. This form of putting up partitions requires true proficiency when performing finishing works but at the same time it provides ultra modern and highly esthetic effect in finished interiors.