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Property service

We offer a full property service including consulting and performing construction works as well as maintenance and preserving completed living, service and industrial buildings. Our offer is directed both to business and individual clients. Thanks to professional management board and technical back up, taking care of your property shall run smoothly and fully professionally. Please read in details the description of our services.

B2B offer

Our service package includes a complete – permanent or temporary – supervising service or industrial buildings together with parking facilities and outhouses. The service covers both full property management and repairing on call single breakdowns and failures. Regular technical check up of the building, daily maintenance all of its parts under control of our experienced workers ensures your company preserving its high market and technical value. All of these at reasonable prices.

Offer for individual customers

Our offer makes come true your dreams of a beautiful, comfortable house built at the highest level of construction work and well-balanced investment costs. Fully qualified working staff and cooperation with best construction warehouses guarantees keeping deadlines and full flexibility depending on your financial possibilities and individual requirements of the project. Please learn more about our wide construction and service offer.

“Home ready to live” service

This package offers you a full range of services from the moment you decide to build a house until its interior decoration and furnishing. Of course, the range of our actions depends on how far your construction is advanced and how much you wish to cooperate with our company:

  • We help to find a building lot or already existing building to renovate, assist in purchasing the property and finding funds (bank loan)
  • Construction and executive projects (ready patterns and on individual demand)
  • Project to adapt or modernize structures (including historical buildings), works schedules, draft and detailed estimates together with current costs analyze (FREE service when you choose our company)
  • Running the procedures concerning territorial development, providing access road, obtaining building permit and preparing construction site (earthwork, foundation trenches, leveling the ground, taking out the soil, developing the lot, etc.)
  • Building a house in a raw state and a covered raw state (stone, brick, concrete, prefabricated unit structures; foundations, walls, roofs, side constructions, window and door woodwork, etc.)
  • Systems and installations (sanitary, electricity, ventilation, air-conditioning, heating and telecommunication)
  • Complete finishing works (plastering, painting, wallpapering, laying tiles, floorboards, parquet, fitted carpets, dropped ceilings, etc.), stairs, terraces, balconies and landings constructions
  • Fitting up the latest technical systems and installations of so-called “smart house (lighting system, automated gates and doors, security and alarm systems, fire protection, etc.)
  • Full design and arranging interior decoration together with furnishing, (including fitting the kitchen, the bathroom and the wardrobe)
  • Paving the paths and the access roads
  • Arranging the greens surrounding the building (planting trees and bushes, pounds, garden summerhouses, swimming pools, etc.)
  • Fencing, entrance and garage gates
  • Final procedures to obtain usufruct permit

„A well looked after house” service

Fast pace of life and everyday rush of events often makes it impossible for the owners to manage their property properly and maintain its good technical condition. This service includes full range of activities concerning maintenance and preservation of a house or a business building. Depending on your individual needs and the building characteristics we are flexible to combine our services in specific packages.

Repair assistance

A cracked tube, a broken window glass, a damaged roof, a locked door, an electricity failure, a blocked access road – in all of these cases our staff shall be there within an hour to help you work the problem out. When you systematically do small repairs and remove damages which could worsen the technical condition of the building, you are able to keep the level of comfort as well as the market value of your property.

Taking care of the greens

Have you dreamt of a beautiful garden but you do not have time to foster your plants, mow the lawn, clean the pounds and the swimming pool? In this package our staff in scheduled periods shall take care of your garden and proper conditions for your plants, redecorate your summerhouse and pave the paths around the house.


This package involves maintaining your building and its surroundings clean and esthetic. Regular cleaning the area around the house, windows cleaning, autumn cleaning works, washing and sand blasting of the façade – and much more we are able to perform quickly and as often as you find it necessary.

Feel free to combine the above packages, the range and frequency of the works is drafted individually for each customer. We guarantee kind and professional service and full flexibility when choosing our services.